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San Diego Wild Animal Park

The San Diego Zoo is not the only place to discover incredible wildlife in the San Diego County. The San Diego Wild Animal Park is also a great place to discover a wide array of endangered animal species in their natural habitats. The park is part of the San Diego Zoo and is located in the San Pasqual Valley, about an hour drive away from the downtown area.All in all it has over 3,000 animals from 400 different species, and 3,500 of various plant species.

The idea of the San Diego Wild Animal Park began in 1964 as theSan Diego Zoological Societywanted a supplement breeding ground to the San Diego Zoo. They also wanted to create a natural environment for large animals which could roam free instead of being stuck in cages. The park opened in May of 1972 and the first animals to arrive were the Nilgai antelope from Northern India and the Grant zebra from East Africa. Since then, thousands of animals have arrived and the park has been expanded and developed many times.

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The San Diego Wild Animal Park is huge at 2,100 acres and has many attractions worth visiting. The first you will encounter in the park is the African Aviary where you will hear and see many exotic bird species. Next you will find yourself in the heart of the park at the charming Nairobi Village which has many shops, animal exhibits and is right on the beautiful Mombasa Lagoon. While you're there, don't forget to feed some birds at Lorikeet Landing and some antelope, sheep and deer at the Petting Kraal.

Other attractions at the San Diego Wild Animal Park include the tropical Gorilla Forest where you can watch gorillas eating and tending to their young, and see many tropical plants and birds at the Hidden Jungle. Next you will want to check out the African Outpost where you will encounter many animals from Africa such as Cheetahs and Flamingoes. In the African Woods you will find vultures and different types of birds, but also has a fun jungle gym area that your kids will love to play in.

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The San Diego Wild Animal Park has a great collection of large fascinating animals such as tigers, elephants, and lions. Be sure to check them out at the Lion Camp, the Elephant Valley, and Tiger Territory. If you're looking to discover some Asian animals, go to the Asian Savannah where you will encounter one-horned rhinos, many deer species, and the Arabian Oryx.

There are many animal exhibits throughout the park which resemble the animals' natural habitat, but the best place to experience this is in the African Plains. Here you will feel as if you have traveled to Africa and are on an actual safari, discovering herds of giraffes, rhinos, gazelles, ostriches and zebras. If you ever get tired of visiting animals at the park, and want to surround yourself with some amazing flora and fauna, then check out the World Gardens or have a picnic at the Grove's grassy hillside.

San Diego City  -  Atractions in San Diego - San Diego Wild Animal Park

Tickets in the San Diego Wild Animal Park are sold as part of safari packages. You can choose which exhibits you want to discover but also the means you will use such as cart, tram, Segway or caravan among others. Cost of safaris range from $40 up to $550 for the ultimate VIP Safari experience.

The San Diego Wild Animal Park is open during the summer and winter from 9 am to 6 pm and in the fall until 5 pm. While in the park, make sure to get in a few animal shows such as the Cheetah Run, the Frequent Flyers Bird Show and the Animal Encounters. Theshows are included in admission prices.

The park is located at 15500 San Pasqual Valley Road

San Diego City  -  Atractions in San Diego -San Diego Wild Animal Park

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